God Rewards the Diligent (April Gift of the Month)

God Rewards the Diligent (April Gift of the Month)

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God Rewards the Diligent - Dr Jenny Roebert

There is a misleading notion that has crept into the church and robbed so many believers from walking in God’s divine blessing.   It has in essence immobilized the body of Christ and caused many of God’s children to accept their lot in life and never aspire to a life of breakthrough and victory.  This notion is that as a born again believer, you do not have to develop your faith to walk in the blessing of God.  To experience the abundant provision of God and total fulfillment in every area of life, you simply have to sit back and wait for it to happen.

It leads people to believe that perhaps one day the door of heaven will open up above you and pour abundant life into your lap, without you having to do a thing to receive it.  The truth is that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of brokenness, poverty and lack and opened for us a whole new life of abundance and freedom in Him.  He has given us every tool necessary to activate abundant living – a victory won at the cross, His Holy Spirit within us and the Word of God!  It is however, our responsibility as individuals to diligently pursue a life that follows after God and His righteousness.

When we pay careful attention to the Word and allow it to become the final authority of our lives, we begin to position ourselves for the outpouring of God’s supernatural blessing upon us.  May this series touch your heart and stir within you the desire to become diligent in seeking after God and His Word and so establishing for yourself the glorious reward of abundant life.

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