Co-Mission Expedition – Day 6

Co-Mission Expedition – Day 6

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The schedule for the day allowed us to have a nice breakfast and about an hour more to pack up and leave.  As the custom, just before we left we had devotion, this time lead by Brad Taberer our photographer.   The challenge for the day is to stay joyful and worship God today and to go and pray with at least one team member that the Lord lead you to pray for.

I reminded the team that we are pressed for time as we have to get North as soon as possible for we have a "work to do" up there with the tribes. We are pushing for distance every day to rather have a few more days with the Himba and Koi San people to impact their lives for God.  This Word from God was soon tested as about 30mins into our journey to SOSSUSVLEI the Jeep "Roxy" had a tire blow out. This actually happened just after we found a snake (some kind of Adder) on the road and we stopped for Brad to snap some shots of it and to wait for it to cross the road.

It was approx. 30mins later that we heard over the comms "Roxy has another flat tire."  We had to spend more time stopping to fix problems, but all challenges are there to overcome and we were soon on our way (driving on gravel roads for a few hours).  Via Satellite Phone I had to organize three new tires as a few days earlier at the CANON ROAD HOUSE the Toyota Hilux lost one and two blown today with lots of bad roads ahead. This is where your prayers count as we had no more spare tires and relied on the angles to protect us.

At SOSSUSVLEI OASIS PARK we did a very sandy 4X4 route to the high dunes of NAMIBIA. Soon we were all at the top of a very large dune where Jenny and I gave a very powerful Word insert for Co-Mission.  We settled down for the night and had a wonderful dinner prepared by our Co-Mission chef "General" (Bongani Kimba). I briefed the team on the plans for the next day (around the fire) reminding them of our goal of heading up North. We are excited to see what God will do for and through us each day of this expedition.

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