Co-Mission Expedition – Day 4 – Ai Ais to Lüderitz

Co-Mission Expedition – Day 4 – Ai Ais to Lüderitz

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We're on our way to LÜDERITZ. Ps Coenie did a devotion with the team this morning - the challenge went out for each person to speak out 10 Praises out loud for all to hear (Psalm 34). It went well as praises were heard all day long!

We left for the spectacular FISH RIVER CANYON. It was very cold - Jenny and I did a shoot/insert there, took some pictures and added a stone each to the "monuments" all around. (Each visitor places a stone as a heritage that they were at this place).  This leg of the trip really came to understand what people meant by the "dry and dusty Namibia".   It is so dusty here, even with all the vents and windows closed, you can actually taste the dust.

Where we are has been so remote, we’ve been waiting 2 days to get to an area with data so that we can post some updates regarding our mission trip into Africa!

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