March Gift of the Month:: Living in the Atmosphere of Heaven, in the Face of Adversity

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Gift Of The MonthThe Bible promises us that we can experience days of heaven on earth in spite of being in a world filled with adversity. This encouraging teaching will explain how the kingdom of God can become a very real and powerful influence in our lives as we embrace God's Word and watch it produce life and victory in our everyday lives.

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Gift of the Month: Your Authority in Christ

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Knowing who we are in Jesus, enables us to live a full, satisfied life, experiencing freedom and victory in every area. An essential part of this knowledge includes having a revelation of the authority we have as believers. This faith building message will help you grasp the truth concerning the authority Jesus has given you over the enemy and every circumstances that poses to steal your peace and joy.

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March Gift of the Month: Get Desperate for God

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Life is not fair and bad things happen to good people every day. Jesus warned us that every day we would be faced with issues or circumstances that would challenge us and present an opportunity for us to become offended.

The truth is, the devil is on an all out rampage to distract us from the one thing that will cause us to rise above the tide of despair and hopelessness in life. If he can keep you from being sold out and determined to follow God and live accordingly to the principles in his word, he can steal your passion and hope for life its self. Being desperate for God is making a concrete effort to stand up to the strategy of the enemy. When we seek first the kingdom of god and his righteousness

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